Individuals may suffer from several difficulties. Difficulties can become even more complex when one has to work with a group of people in an organization.

Organizations can face the following issues:

  • Underproduction
  • Inefficient Human Resource Management
  • Inefficient communication between the organization and its customers
  • High absenteeism
  • Increased employee turnover
  • Inefficient integration of new employees
  • Increased conflicts and bullying between staff

An intervention from a psychologist can boost the effectiveness of an organization. This can be done with the following methods:

  • Providing confidential counseling to employees
  • Providing psychological consulting to managers
  • Informing the management about current issues revealed by counseling employees (without breaching confidentiality) and suggesting solutions
  • Suggesting improvements to current Human Resource policies
  • Providing training to managers, front line staff, complaint managers, and others
  • Preparing carefully tailored team-building activities to strengthen a team’s morale and sense of identity

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