Psychotherapy is the interaction between a trained individual and an individual or couple seeking solution to a problem. A psychotherapist will help the client to understand patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior, as well as roles one may take. This way the client will be able to construct alternative solutions to the problem.

There are many approaches to psychotherapy and every each of them involves different techniques. An Integrative Psychotherapist is the individual who has been trained to use three or more approaches under a specific model of integration.

Socrates Panayi offers counseling to individuals, couples and families who feel they need this kind of support. He can support people who would like to work on:

  • Managing difficult emotions (such as anger, fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, shyness, embarrassment and more)
  • Managing difficult behaviors (such as overeating, compulsive cleaning, gambling, compulsive counting and more)
  • Managing unwanted thoughts and images (such as traumatic and phobic)
  • Decision-making advice
  • Development of social skills (such as approaching the opposite sex, managing romantic/professional/social relationships, managing angry people, managing your boss and more)
  • Parental advice
  • Healing from emotional trauma

These services are offered with confidentiality in an environment suitable to freely express yourself. For more information please contact me.